weekend in snapshots.

what a weekend!! it was chalk full of wonderful experiences yet not completely exhausting! fun, playful, task filled, even a little romantic. just full concentration on family fun, family life. *bliss*

caution - i was not good at editing so lots of photo's. enjoy!

saturday | 8 am wake up. the husband thankfully woke up earlier with the chicklets.

the family indulged me with a morning photo shoot for a project am i working on - we got the shot but most of them turned out like this.

trying to be the sweet angels they are. but look at those mischievous grins!

"is it ever going to stop snowing? i want to ride my new bike." aydan

and we are off! grocery and then aydan's ballet.

our little ballerina - so glad we found a new school for her to go to. she loves it!

while out at ballet i continued on the great drapes hunt - more on that later - came up empty handed but amazingly enough the best selection was found at home depot.

back to pick up the ballerina, hit costco for last needed items and some lunch. then back home.

big deal......coop put on the skates for the first time! and them he went out on the ice. so proud! dad was even happier. looks like we have to go and buy a second pair of skates!

the pro then came and took over. show him how it's done. she is getting better and more confident at this.

the whole scene. *love* coop grabbed a hockey stick and was swinging away with the husband and singing quietly under his breath "somethings wrong with jack. somethings wrong with jack." - nightmare before christmas, a favorite movie right now.

barbie world - aydan was so proud of her display.

munching on watermelon in february!! what??!! the husband asked me how much i was making to afford such a delicacy!  haha.

ceasar  and beers - yum!!!

dinner - burgers! was craving sweet potato fries and they go wonderfully with burgers so that' what was on the menu!

after dinner we acted out goldilocks and the three bears, played go fish, watched some bugs bunny and then bed.

sunday | the merry melodies marathon continues! and these are the old old ones. dancing to the bunny baton on loonie tunes together.

this morning aydan asked to watch a movie with me after breakfast. after much debate between her and herself she settled on something funny cause she likes to laugh - but maybe something exciting if she finds one. i want to watch harry potter - she picks return to neverland antbully. in the end we end up playing two rounds of tinkerbell go fish.

aydan reading stories to her barbies. her being her.

$10 room makeover! more on that later.

after lunch we went for a drive and found this:

we did this:


and a little bit of this:

home (it's only 2:30!). it quickly turned into a lazy sunday afternoon with:

 games, laundry and sunshine.

topped off with a roast chicken dinner, best dessert ever of freshly made warm chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream,

baths, america's funniest home movies and bed.

awesome weekend. awesome life.

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