carving out time & a mini photo shoot.

that was it.

enough was enough.

that's how i felt last week. i wanted to find the nearest mountain top - not that easy in my neck of the woods, although the town next to ours is called deux montagnes (two mountains) and i can't seem to find those darn mountains! anyways - find the nearest mountain top, channel my inner tawanda and shout at the top of my lungs enough is enough (or maybe more in the fashion of maria von trapp). when you look in the mirror and don't even recognize the person staring back - it's time. it's time. it's time.

so with phone in hand i took the plunge. set out to make the commitment. to make that...hair appointment.

yes, on saturday, there are kids to be nourished, a little girl to be driven to ballet class and the weekly shop to be made but dammit there will be time in there for me somewhere. somewhere.

i got an appointment at 10am. ballet was at 11:50 and it was a participation class, of course, - i hope i make it. i had to make it.


my heart sank.

i have snow tires. i can make it. yes - i made it.

done and done right. phew. not squirming. no negotiating. no hesitation. pure excitement, relief, joy. i looked and felt great.

zoomed out of there like something out of the incredibles, grabbed my girl, chassed across the floor in dance class with her, home, then out with my boy for the weekly shop.

we all have to do this - take time for ourselves to breath, think, grow. i have really no such time. i'm not complaining - just stating a fact. but i also don't try for it. my days are taken up and the schedule is a little erratic so it's hard to plan. the husband gets home at 6:45 at night so then to go out and do something is hard as i would like to see him along with the kids. and weekends are golden as it's just us being us.
but something has to be done and i know this. i have found a couple of classes to take in the week & i have to get over feeling guilty about it and do this for me cause right now i am the blob waving at you from the cushion on the end and i never signed up to be that version of myself. i have to take a more active interest into myself.
wait, what?!

this joyous hair experience warranted a mini photo shoot. after several takes, a few forget about it and a couple c'mon's we ended up with a few shots. not terribly glamorous but when did i ever claim that title?
i'm more sporty spice (without the sports) and i like me - especially with my new hair.

i might like me 15 pounds lighter though......
deep thoughts be jkmg.


Anonymous said...
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tony gronick said...

you are gorgeous lady!!!