project life catch up | week 4 & 5

here we go. i have been a little lax about posting our life so here it is. two weeks in one sitting. get ready and hang on!

saturday | january 22nd  joey's party.

best little hockey team around!

sunday | january 23rd  laundry day and this & that

monday | january 24th  pretty girl

a couple of goofs!

tuesday | january 25th  tortilla face!

wednesday | january 26th  vacuum clogged with dog hair, had to take a part.

thursday | january 27th  fancy dinosaur placement. loves him the dinosaurs!

friday | january 28th we made masks!

saturday | january 29th  insert all weekend in snapshots here in book.

sunday | january 30th fun in the snow!

monday | january 31st playdough fun.

tuesday | february 1st after school run home through snowstorm.

wednesday | february 2nd  movies in the mail from gg.

thursday | february 3rd  lunch anyone?

 friday | february 4th  coop's legs or strawberry's legs?

saturday | february 5th  haircut day.

saturday night party - media all ran out of juice at this moment but a really great night.

sunday | february 6th  superbowl! go green bay go!

pre-game show.

monday | february 7th  my sweet girl.

tuesday | february 8th  making valentines for school. she printed all the names herself and was pretty proud of that.

wednesday | february 9th  cupcake request for 100th day of school party.

thursday | february 10th 100th day of school. her first ever!

friday | february 11th  school valentines loot.

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