hunting for the perfect eyeshadow and mascara.

drapes. drapes. drapes. the ultimate quest for drapes. we have finished applying the lipstick and rouge to the main floor and now i'm looking to finish off the wonderful eyes into our house.

we have been sprucing up the main floor with new coats of paint and blinds for the front windows and now we have come to the drapes for the kitchen.

when we moved into this house the colours were very natural and very dark. lots of dark browns, dark sage green and dark taupe trim. we are a lighter type of people.

we started with the entrance way (a small 10x10 vestibule) with white and a hit of red - a colour i picked which shocked the husband.

in the living room we went light ocean blue and white trim - now our dark leather furniture really pop in the room and the light walls and white blinds help it to look quite large. the kitchen was a mix of dark taupe and dark sage green + the counters are the sage colour and the cabinets are a light green wood colour. all so very dark. here we forged ahead with the white trim in this room and picked out a stunning colour of buttermilk yellow - once done it looked like a whole new kitchen. i was shocked! it felt so much wider and much more modern. now the green kitchen doesn't feel so green. i was lobbying for a new butcher block style island counter top but i don't think that needs to be. also the cupboards almost have that silvery barn board look to them. (something i love!)

to achieve an even paint job and have it look professional i had to take down the vertical blinds covering the sliding glass door as they were mounted outside the frame, not in - right? it was all for the beauty of the paint job, for the overall aesthetics. and unfortunately they got a little damaged and thrown out. (oops!)

now we need to get something for there and i never dreamed it would be this hard to find the perfect drapes. i seemed to have exhausted all my resources and still have not found anything that has grabbed me. being such a large wall and the one you can see from the front door i want them to be perfect. i know the hardware i want to use and the overall look i just have not found them yet.

while at mecca on new years eve (that's what the husband calls ikea) i saw a style that caught my eye. we were in such a rush though that i am not sure i saw what i saw as they are not on the website. since then though i have had these in the fore front of my thinking that i might have to take a pilgrimage there just to confirm my thoughts. are these the perfect style for us? does this perfect style exist?

another option is the source out some material and make some a la sarah richardson. (i wish i just had the $$ to hire her and have it over and done!) only problem here is that i am new around here and don't kno the ideal spots for things like this and since i have 10 minutes of spare time i don't know if this can be accomplished.
oh fairy godmother - where are you when i need you!

stay tuned.

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