loving right now.

loving that we are making underwater animal cupcakes for aydan's class today with a new-to-me martha recipe - finger's crossed. might have to make some extra for us to sample. nothing better than rich chocolate cupcakes with sweet buttercream icing. yum!
loving this valentines idea and wished i had a printer to pull it off.
loving alphabet print ideas - can't wait to make mine.
loving coop and his french - again i know! but it's all self taught and i'm so proud!!
loving aydan loving school.
loving watching her bring home habits from others and love listening to her matured social vocabulary - "my hair is a mess!" - said like a teenager, priceless.
loving the valentines surprise that i have in store.
loving that i have embraced my one-little-word for 2011, chef,  + my secondary word, doing, and am doing something with them. attacked that house with a screw driver last night and got things done!
loving this and that.
loving ina's new series - back to basics - and the wonderful meals we have created and that are planned.
loving the house coming together.
loving that the green bay packers won the superbowl - and tony won the pool!
loving this new-to-me kids site.
loving that we are going to be playing along with this class.
loving that i am almost done my december daily.
loving that i started my 4 people | 12 months project
loving that i am thinking about getting back to yoga and that i am excited about it - it's been a looonnggg time!
loving that spring is coming - this cold weather is killing me and our bank account.

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