project: december daily. december 19th.

welcome to day 19.

today i got down to business and signed our christmas card. and actually mailed them!! pretty excited that i got this task done because last year it was over looked as last year was a complete blur. am thankful i was able to get these out and reconnect.

stack shot and journaling.  we sent out a virtual card to most people this year and only cards to family and people we know who are not of the technology age. yes they still exist!

inside this card i put a merry christmas front sheet only card from aydan and forgot to shoot it.
maybe i will add the photo later.

the card.


finally sat down and did the christmas card today. we are sending out a card with photo's then we are emailing our letter. the letter email goes to everyone but i did tone down the people who get the physical card.  i didn't send out a card last year so i am quite happy that i was able to get them done for this year.

the before pages:

originally we were going to see santa on this day but aydan really really did not want to see him this yer and we didn't want to push it. so i moved his transparency to an earlier day to get full use out of the neat framing design.

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