aydan reading nursery rhymes to coop on a sunny (but still cold) sunday morning. and actually reading them! magic.

i was so happy that i was able to race downstairs - praying the whole way - and that they stayed put and i got the shot. lately they have been so sweet together, playing make believe and watching out for each other. also i love the scene of her bed - completely typically her. computers, books, a teddy poking his around as if listening as well and wanting into the shot. only thing missing is the massive barbie collection that are usually partying here.

this is how our sunday has been - i want to bottle today and keep it on a shelf for blue or frustrating days so i can revisit it and take a peek. have this day wash over me. a magically wonderful day where everything has fit into place like a jigsaw puzzle. we started the day with maple pecan scones (lots of recipe testing going on - i'm on a permanent sugar high!) which were a success and that set the tone for game playing, running errands - sports experts, reno depot & uniprix - late lunch accompanied by mega mind, nice dinner planned, did i mention the oscars are on tonight?!! all in all - great day. happy day. no complaints.

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