a calender

calender. such a simple item. and one that has eluded me for the new year.

i don't know about you but i like things just so. i procrastinate and comparison shop my husband into a frenzy. so when it came time for a new calender the only ones i could find were either: 1) ugly; or 2) the french version of my beloved. now i could have embraced our surroundings and bought the french one and dealt with it but i didn't. i wish now i had. i was determined to find an english one because believe it or not i still do live in canada but not the part that they think english exists - there are though english pockets but i don't seem to live there.

or i could have bought on-line.

i focused on making one. it has taken me two months and i have filled up the little calender given at the end of last years calender so i felt the time was now. i put everything aside and did this. i have little time so my projects seem to fall by the wayside - yes i will finish my december daily, almost there! - but i had a moment  and i pounced.

this is what i got.

i started by selecting a piece of paper out of my collection. i'm attaching this calender to a clipboard so i can have all papers pertinent to the month behind it for easy reference. i cut my paper to fit the clipboard. then i took a piece of card stock and cut it to my desired size - for me it was 8 inches across and 9 inches long - taped it to my patterned paper and measured out my calender on it and drew it out. we don't have a printer to this was my method - if you have a printer you could create a calender in word and print it out or get one from here.

then i sat down with all the papers and filled in the events & reminders days - hot lunch days, library days, gym day, birthday parties etc.....
i also added some sticker letters for the month heading bt this is where you could get really artistic.

and here it is filled up, on the wall and with all the papers behind for easy reference! voila!

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