disney on ice.

yesterday we took the kids to disney on ice: toy story 3.  what fun.

we were fortunate enough at christmas to get some money bestowed to the kids by the husbands great aunt shirley and great uncle harvey and we wanted to put it to good use. the opportunity came for these tickets and we pounced.

we have been letting the excitement of this day get the better of us for months and months and could hardly believe the day was before us. on the eve of this occasion the weather man let us in on his dirty little secret - 20 inches of snow were expected this spectacle eve. are you joking???? we have been waiting and we might not get to go??

we awoke to snow but not quit the 20 inches as predicted so we took our chances and set out. we decided to drive to the nearest metro station (subway station) and go in on the train from there to avoid the downtown mayhem of skinning streets, crazy pedestrians and snowplows.

once we got to the station it took us about 20/25 minutes (we have no watch between us) to get to the station next to the bell center and then about 7 to 10 minutes to walk and navigate the underground tunnels the lead us right into the center - no need to go outside!!

once there, we were greeted very warmly and then ushered into the world of disney. a merchandise table set up right as you walk in to tempt you in to buying the over-priced goodies that go along with the show; which of course we were and then were shaking our heads about later. we found our seats - wrong section first but were successful in the end - and sat down, waiting in anticipation for the production to begin.

the lights dimmed, the music boomed and there is was - disney on ice. what a wonderful show. the story was a little all over the place but the kids had a blast. they were very interactive - when someone skated by waving aydan was the first on her feet enthusiastically waving back - they were engaged and completely wowed.

awesome present. amazing time. the magic of disney and it's power on kids & adults alike.

thank you aunt shirley and uncle harvey. thank you so much.

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