playing catch-up: project life weeks six, seven and eight.

we have been so sick here and just passing it back & forth. it's for this reason some of my regular posts have been affected. tossed aside like a dirty shirt. well it's time for laundry people!

so as not to bore you with everyday in the past three weeks i have chosen some highlights - hope they are pleasing, they sure are to us!!

saturday | february 12 - went to participation class with aydan at her dance. the picture didn't turn out that great but i still love it just the same!

warming up that night.

monday | february 14th  valentines day! icing the cake for dessert - my little helpers.

wednesday | february 23rd  feeling better and i got a craving for pineapple upside down cake so i whipped one up. yum!

saturday | february 26th  last hooray on the rink with friends over and awesome chocolate cake. topped the night off with opening our old navy delivery. fun fun fun!!

thursday | march 3rd  my boy so proud of his tinkertoy creation.

saturday | march 5th  on our way to alycia's birthday party.

sunday | march 6th  home from disney on ice with our prizes!! they both got hats!!

so that's it for now! all caught up. i will hopefully be more on top of it come next week as we all seem to be on the mend from this outrageous cold! and hopefully soon i will have the album and be able to show them off that way!!

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