for right now....

for right now aydan is on spring break. busy busy busy.

for right now we are just finding our groove and routine in our day to day.

for right now we are still riding the high of aydan's report card.

for right now we are still struggling with the kids diets and their willingness to try new foods - aydan more than coop.

for right now we are completing mini updates in the house before we focus on the outside.

for now we are saying goodbye to the outdoor rink - he served us well and two munchkins learned how to skate.

for right now no matter how hard i try it never seems that the house is clean (put away).

for right now i am staring at our sun-soaked backyard planning the cook's garden i want to plant - once the enormous amount of snow melts.

for right now i am trying bit by bit to complete the many projects i have on the go.

for right now i am channeling all my inner patience and calm to help with the vibe around here - the husband might argue with this one.

for right now i am, now & again, planning a tea party in my head for a little someone's 6th birthday.

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