renegade pizza.

with no dinner plan insight and no meat to defrost i felt stuck for dinner. i wanted excitement, flavour, to tantalize my taste buds. i stood in front of the fridge/freezer/pantry and weighed my options. searched for inspiration.

it hit in the form of stone pizza bases, asparagus, on-their-way-out mushrooms and leftover chicken. a small nub of fontina cheese caught my eye which i blended with finely shredded pecorino to stretch it. a little italian seasoning sprinkled on the sauce before adding the main performers gave it the perfect touch.

20 minutes at 375 F and the crust was crisp & the kitchen was filed with an out of this world aroma - never the combo i would have put together but very excited with the end result.

as i bit into a slice i had visions of plucking warm sun-soaked yellow & red tomatoes from the garden as well as fresh basil and hoping that i have fresh mozzarella on hand that can be cut thick and melted on top.

this is a great example of lemonade out of lemons - stand in front of your ingredients, think outside of the box and wonderful things do appear.

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