things i've learned this week (or re-learnt)

sunday morning pillow fights with daddy rock.
working while sick is not the best combo.
re-learnt my love for pineapple upside down cake. yum!
a good night sleep is the best medicine.
husbands are mr. incredible in their own way.
that i want to accomlish more.
to slow down and take it all in (yes i know conflicts with the top remark as well as the ever growing to-do list)
that old navy on-line delivers. for free!!
that under the tuscan sun really is my favorite book and that i belong in cortona.
that we need to be indulgent and buy two laptops.
that i hate snow.
that i really want to take a photography class.
that your first colour choice is not always the best.
even the worst chinese food is better the next day.
that i am not the only one who gets jealous of other women's blogs and even with my small number of comments i have to remember why i do this an not let that bug me. and maybe they are not so great as they seem - or who are we kidding! they are fabulous in every way! love this post on the subject - equally love her description of the ultimate woman. this is why i think i don't measure up but of course she doesn't exist.
that i want to get back in touch with my sewing machine. it's been so long and we have been exchanging messages but haven't connected in a while. lots and lots of projects on the brain.
i want to find/create the ultimate chocolate cake recipe. haven't been excited about my last two choices. i would like the be the girl with the dynamite chocolate cake recipe who gets asked to potlucks for that purpose.
that pantry organization with food storage containers makes me happy.
i'm only as good as the sum of my parts.
that amazing weekends do exist and we just witnessed one.
that kids say the darnedest things - sometimes at the wrong moment.
that plans and budgets are important and that one should stick to them.
that it's okay to spend big money on eco-products like these cause you save in the long run.
that fresh baking for breakfast on a weekend morning can really brighten your day.
i love books & reading and want this.
that improvements are done on the house until the fall and i'm okay with that - except the bathroom walls, the horror!! haha.
that it's okay when the playdoh looks like this.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you’re satisfied with never being satisfied.

Anonymous said...

I love this train of thought Jen. It takes a women with her feet on the ground to commit to thoughts and feelings in front of anyone let alone everyone:)
Im not anonymous, Im proud of you and your exploring, growing family. (but anonymous is the easiest way to send this)

Jen said...

Thank you so much Brooke. Your comment has really meant a lot to me. How can I find you? Do you have a blog?