things that make you cry and grin from ear to ear.

while packing aydan's bag for school this morning and getting her ready for wacky wardrobe day i spied something in the bag - her report card. i only fished out her lunch sac yesterday and forgot to inspect the other contents of the backpack. holding my breath i opened the booklet to see what the teacher had to say. this is what i read.....

aydan continues to grow! she is working hard and is always enthusiastic about what we are doing. she continues to be a good friend. her ability to see only the good in everyone and accept those for who they are is an amazing quality! good for you aydan! (insert tears here) aydan continues to need some practice with her writing and glue stick. aydan is predominantly autonomous but still struggles with her zippers and her cheese sticks :) - a little practice and we'll have it!
academically aydan is doing very well! she easily named all the letters not only from this term, but also of the entire alphabet and provided sounds for them. aydan can recognize and name numerals 0-20 and count by 10's to 100! she easily detects rhyming words and can provide a rhyme when given a word. she is able to decipher a word when it is blended together for her i.e., d-o-g says dog. she easily reads all 11-colour words. when i asked aydan which snow song was her favorite she said: "the chubby little snowman", she was able to recount the entire poem without error! keep up the good work aydan - you are doing awesome!!
you are doing awesome aydan!!! two gold stars.
and i'm going to give a gold star to the husband and myself as well.
she's a great kid. everything that was said was true. and we love her to pieces.

potd - all dressed up for wacky wardrobe day!

update: she was dressed the wackiest in her class!

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Anonymous said...

"i'm going to give a gold star to the husband" really "The husband". Anyway I love reading about my kids through your blog, keep up the good work