getting our easter on.

easter. last year my head really wasn't in the game for this holiday and i left everything up to others so i was determined to make up for it this year. boy did we craft it up in the week leading up to easter!

we dipped eggs

this pile became


we made these little bags,

of course sugar cookies are always a must,

and on easter afternoon this cake was compiled.

we started the day with easter baskets (and one little sneak!), 

then carried on into an egg hunt,

ate this wonderful breakfast,

then headed outdoors as the forecast seemed to shift and raking, bagging, soiling & seeding became part of a new tradition.

we were invited out to easter dinner which was a definite treat for us and had a wonderful time. 
kids behaved. good company. good food. great easter.

**a highlight was on the way home and the kids started signing along "whiskey whiskey, save my life, to drunk to brawl on a saturday night!" they were calling it the wish me song and requesting it over and over. too cute.

how did you celebrate yours?

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