weekend warriors: taking the party outside.

sunny weekend. productive weekend. the blooms have all come out in mad force.


we took it outside. (i almost always write toke here - does this happen to you? imagine if i had, a little inappropriate i think!! haha) the weather turned around, the ground is no longer frozen and we took the energy outside and got down to work. last year the yard work was horrendous - the previous owner had left this lot in a sorry sorry state. the weather last year was completely different from this year. when we moved in last april everything was already very lush on account of the mild winter. then it quickly went from green to white. there has been a bit of time now between winter and spring to catch an eyeful of the barren yard and oh the discoveries! i found a very nice planter made of two tires stacked on top of each other. about 30 cinder blocks. and just loads and loads of debris hidden in the plant life. also they had decided to use just standard gray bricks as decorative stone and that had to go - felt a little ghetto in front of quite a nice house.

this year i would say is the summer for grooming. last year was the summer for over-hauling and this year it's grooming. planting a little more, cutting back a little more and adding a little more. it's at the point of living and we are almost at enjoying. almost.


is now stage one of this.

we used up all the bricks to extend the outdoor patio space but the husband wouldn't let me take a photo because he still thinks it looks awful - he is dreaming of the day of a two tiered cedar deck/patio with a pool attached. as am i. we planted a lot of grass seed as well and we need even more!

we ended the day with lots of this, it got that hot out,

we hauled out table & chairs out of the shed and enjoyed our first al fresco meal together.

summer i fast approaching and i am getting so excited!

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