proud mama and papa.

i love aydan's school. there really are very involved in the children's learning and striving and that warms my heart. the newest activity was fabulous and made us the proudest parent's on the block. they hosted a night of student-led conferences. this is where we got an invitation to visit the class at our assigned time and be led around the class by none other than our little scholar.

upon entry we were handed a stack of our child's work books and also a list of sample questions to ask to help the tour along. she happily showed around the class, showed us her favorite place to play, the job board, the calender and her work. everything seems on track and we couldn't be happier. the kitchen and dollhouse are fan favorites with her and when asked about what she needs our help with to complete her goals this year her answer was "tying shoelaces." i think we can help with that.

upon exciting the class the husband mentioned that the teacher didn't talk much to us and i looked at him and said under my breath " and that's a good thing." and we quickly made our escape. nothing to report, nothing to be concerned about and we have a happy child who loves her class, her teacher and is excited to go to school.
feeling pretty perfect right about now.

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Ado said...

Isn't it a great feeling when you love your childrens' school and know they are in good hands? Great pix!