mr. golden sun.

finally the sun is out, the last of the snow is melted, jackets are still needed but not snowpants, hats, mitts etc......

we are out celebrating doing a little bit of this,

alot of this,

and have thrown in some silliness here and there,

we are out having fun in the sun and will catch you on the next rainy day!!

doesn't she look like she belongs on s farm? she definitely melts me heart.

catch a new series i'm working on coming soon called weekend warriors. the sun is out, our mojo is pumped & we are getting our giddy-up on and sprucing up the joint inside & out. stay tuned - painting and seeding in the cards for this weekend.


Ado said...

Love The Cranberries - that's actually my husband and my song! Also, loved how this post was "thoughtfully written at 5:47 AM!" Ha!

Jen said...

thanks Ado! that cranberries song is my get-me-out-of-a-slump song - always brightens my day, best song. as for the time of day - i still think we are on vancouver time, i wrote it at 8:47am. i'm not that committed for a 5am start. haha. thanks for taking the time.