we left on a jet plane.

a year ago today we left. we said goodbye to vancouver - our lives, the only home the kids and myself have ever known, our friends & families - and bonjour to montreal. the best part was we got to see daddy after he had left for the east on january 21st - 4 months earlier. april 9th, 2010 was a good day.

i remember it like i was yesterday - no, like today. almost every detail is fresh in my mind. the anticipation, excitement, fear, the check-in at the airport, the smell, the awesomeness of the kids on the plane (it was a day i needed total cooperation and by some miracle got it), the guts to jump in front of the enormous taxi line looking haggard with two kids, 2 karts/6 suitcases and the need for help and no one objected! driving through a foreign city with a taxi driver telling me where we should be living rather than where we bought our house and finally driving up to the apartment hotel - where we will be staying for the next two weeks in the heart of the city - and ringing up to my husband and telling him that we made it and to come down and get us! (it made more sense for him to stay put after getting home from work and us grabbing a cab to get there)

on the plane being awesome.
having fun with daddy on the first night in the hotel pool.

since then it has been a worldwind of getting settled, learning, driving, laughing, crying, screaming, loving and living.

a year ago we left our old home to make a new home. and we have. whether it be our little country/city home, a hut in india or a villa in italy, home is where we four are together (well 5).
for now, this is home. and it feels like it.

image from direct source network.

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