party countdown day 1: invitations.

this is the one we are using for aydan's birthday - i smudged out our address. sorry no gate crashers!
this week will be all about our countdown to aydan's birthday!! we are planning a very special birthday for a very special little girl!! it will be everything from the invites to the food to the decorations! lots of diy's in here. enjoy!

anyone who knows me knows that i love a good party and better yet, i love to throw a party. i love all the details and doing dry runs in the weeks before to make sure that it all goes well - i even was able to pull off my daughter's 4th birthday with a newly broken leg thanks to a lot of organization on my part and some great help from friends.

also i am a lover of e-invitations - how many times have we found ourselves staring at that stack of invitations we keep forgetting to mail? i have been using them for years and was excited to be lead to a new site offering up these awesome creations - paperless post. i was first turned onto paperless post by hearing that mr. boddington's nephew was designing for them but the selection from the other designer's are awesome as well - lots of whimsical and classic designs. definitely something to check out - you save on time, paper and a stamp! and your guest's rsvp right to the site and they track them for you - you know who got it, who didn't, who has opened it and their reply. perfect - one less thing to worry about!

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