party countdown day 2: decorations.

you know me - always trying to have my finger on the pulse, be as hip as ever (yeah right - i'm as un-hip as they come, well maybe not that much) so when i do my daily perusing of all those insanely creative ladies out there i am inspired time and time again. this year i decided to take all this inspiration and run with it.

i have been seeing these little mustaches burning up the web and took the bull by the horns and made some for our celebration. they were so easy to make and i think they are going to make for some silly times and some outrageous photo's! and the great thing is they are also going to be going home with the guests so they can continue the fun into the wee hours of bedtime (roughly eight o'clock for all our little party animals!) 

i made pom poms!!! for a while now i have been wanting to make these pom poms and have been a little hesitant and i can't believe why. they were so easy! and they are so delightful. i am so excited that they worked out and i can't wait to see how they are going to look filled up in our trees, along the balcony and distributed through the house. they only down side of them is that they are made of tissue and are not going to last outside through the summer, so i am going to have to make a point to open a bottle of wine on saturday night and sit outside with the twinkle lights and soak them in till i am forced to take them down. (i wish i had known about these when i got married - what a beautiful touch they would have made to the dining room!)

last but not least i am tackling these garlands. i think they add that great arts & crafts touch and give it all that homey feel. i can see them draped from the living room light and the banister for the stairs. i try to make things all razzle dazzle but i also like to add some simple decorations so it's not so much.

i'm so happy that i have had the time to make these little touches this year and i can hare them all with you. so between balloons, garlands, pom poms and moustaches i think we are going to have a swinging shin dig!!

check in tomorrow - i have been doing some cooking dry-runs on some new recipes, that of course i wanted to try out but would never try a first edition on anybody other than the husband, my favorite and willing guinea pig.

**garland photo courtesy of etsy blog.

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