company & a momentous celebration.

this weekend around here was definitely one for the books. this weekend the husband's sister and our nephew came to visit from the westcoast. the kids have known for a while but were getting so excited and started counting the sleeps once monday rolled around. and when they arrived the hooting and hollering began. they were so thrilled and bubbling over with happiness. they were all a chatter, stepping on each others words as they were letting them in on what they had planned out for the weekend. pretty special to watch. and when we all headed to baseball that friday night aydan was so excited to introduce her aunty and show her off.

saturday brought with it heat, heat and more heat. to beat this their aunt treated them to a movie - cars 2. then we headed home to start decorating and getting ready for the big occasion of the weekend - dad's birthday. the big 5-0. and i was doubly excited because, if my calculations were right, i had actually fooled the un-foolable (word? haha) and got him a gift that he never guessed. he thought he had it but no sir - you were wrong. i had sent out an email months ago to family and had organized a present for him that he never thought he would get. we got him an ipad 2. GOTCHA!! he was shocked, embaressed and excited. i was so happy that i was able to get him something special for this day as it was a pretty big birthday - we ended up having his party on the weekend so he could enjoy a few wobbly pops as we don't drink on school nights and of course all celebrations are governed by the chance for drinking. sad but true. the night took a turn when we presented him with his birthday cake - cupcakes decorated by everyone - and then the cake fight started. by the end of it we all ended up with cake on our faces and you know what?...i wouldn't have scripted it any other way.

the rest of the weekend brought with it: turning the hot tub into a cold tub - genius! an afternoon at the beach. stories with josh and auntie. going our for dinner - thank you for that. enjoying family. watching rango with popcorn and licorice. an amazing lighting show. hot humid weather. somebody else doing my dishes *sigh*. a water gun/sprinkler/water fight. going to the park. playing lots of cards. giant hot wheel track. road hockey. batting practice. and saying goodbye.

i would like to thank the husband's mom, sisters + families, my mom and sister, my sister & fiancee and our great aunt and uncle for their contribution to the gift. thank you. thank you. thank you.


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