burning up the airwaves.

around here we love the muppets. as a child i loved the muppets. i remember on sunday nights my sister and i would have our bath then run to the tv room for the muppet show before being sent to bed. loved that time, loved that show, love the muppets. and i'm so happy that my kids have jumped on the band wagon and embraced them as well. when i was pregnant with aydan i saw the muppets season one on dvd and snatched it up quick. they watch it with wonder and it's so special. and we are so excited for the new movie to come out - we are even going to splurge and go to the theaters opening weekend!

you can have too much of a good thing though. it's for this reason i am sharing with you the trailer/music video that has been playing around here non-stop for the past month so you as well can join in our pain fun and share it with your family!


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