four simple goals.

loved ali’s idea of creating Four Simple Goals for the remainder of the year. i especially love her focus on choosing things that will make your life richer & happier on a daily basis.

Here’s mine:

1. making the bed every morning. this is something that is majorly simple yet completely overlooked. the days that i have made the bed i feel calmer and refreshed when i walk into my room vs. the days i don't - i really get a feeling of unorganized and almost panicked. amazing how one little step like this can affect the day to day but i quite honestly feel better about it all if the bed is made. weird, huh?

2. stop, drop and listen. taking a cue from the old stop, drop and roll i have noticed how chores and duties in life have overshadowed the kids and their personal needs. i need to stop, drop and listen to what they have to say and listen to their creativity, give them praise and be more involved. this is important to them and me as well. laundry can wait and dinner can be simple. this is something i have to remember and reinforce - it's important to us all as a family. take time and be present.

3. get on top of things - be more prepared. i give off this air of having it all together. but the truth is i have tons of half finished projects and lots of "i'll get to that later" and a to-do list a mile long. i really need to concentrate on one task, get it done {finally put the finishing touches on my december daily 2008 album!}, feel good about it and then carry on. i keep dabbling in one thing then another and it's complete mayhem! gives me a feeling of un-easiness. also i need to get our taxes organized week by week throughout the year rather than plunking everything in a box, stressing out for one whole week to put it together and get it submitted. time management and task orientation...let see if it happens. fingers crossed.

4. drink more water. completely do-able. completely simple. completely forgotten. this seems that it would be no problem but i find that i will go a whole day without a glass of water. yes i found it more simple at our old house because we had a fridge with a water tap but i have to be more on top of this because i do find i feel better the days i have multiple glasses of water.  and since i am at my heaviest right now i need all the weight loss help i can get!!! haha.

well that's it. my little list to help me get to the end of the year healthily and happily. hopefully getting these down on paper will help me to adopt and stick to them.

do you have any goals for the rest of the year?
happy monday! xoxo

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