it starts with a leaf walk.

every fall i get excited for this. the leaf walk. we get bundled, grab a paper bag each and head out. we search for colourful leaves to create with. as we walk and discover we talk about other things that we might see in our path - the variety of nuts that have fallen from trees, fall flowers in bloom and play pirates with the unique sticks that somehow make their way into our hands. when the cheeks are rosy enough, the sniffs have become a symphony and our bags are bulging we head home.

we spread out what we have collected, inspect the treasures and go over our prospects {hopefully with a hot chocolate in hand}.

this year we opted for leaf stained glass windows. 

they are so fun to make and easy and pretty. just what the doctor ordered to adorn your thanksgiving windows - perfect for fall.

step one: dump out your bag and inspect. pick out only the finest and most together leaves that you can. allow your budding little monet to do all the picking but gently make some suggestions as well to make it the prettiest.

step two: heat up your iron to the highest and spread out your wax paper. you will need two sheets in equal measure for this project. be sure to leave some space at the top and bottom for the frame.

step three: lay out your leaves in the pattern you want on sheet one of your wax paper. make sure all the leaves are face up. there is no right way to place them, be creative!

step four: once satisfied with your design, place the other sheet of wax paper on top and iron the sheets together sealing the leaves inside. keep going over and over until you are happy with it.

step five: make your frame. fold a piece of construction paper over the ends - cutting it if you have to to adjusts the paper to the width you would like, then staple to the paper {or glue, whatever} - at this point you could also run a piece of balloon string along the inside of the fold to create a pretty hanger - let your child decorate the border if you wish, hang, stand back and admire.

and there you go!! perfect for a fall day....rain or shine.

**another variation: you can press the leaves between the paper to preserve them, peel the paper back and decorate you house with the leaves and they will stay the same for the whole season as they look today!! they will not dry out or turn brown. perfect for holiday decorating!

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