that wonderful crunch.

to the annoyance of my husband, a sound editor, i have a very loud mouth crunch. to him it seems to echo {he calls it the echo chamber - when in fact i have a bump-out on the roof of my mouth that about 20% of the population has; so in fact i have less room in my mouth than average} so you can imagine what it's like snuggling on the couch, watching a movie and sharing a crunchy snack. yeah around here that's doesn't happen. he sits as far away from me on the sectional as possible until he is sure that the last kernel or chip has been hunted down and demolished, giving me constant sideways glances so he knows the coast is clear. and to add insult to injury, i search out the half popped kernels from the popcorn that purposely give you that wonderful crunch and it drives him bananas!

so you can imagine MY happiness to see this product here! whoever figured this out and knew there was a market for it then went as far as to pitch it, package it and make it available is a genius and i say thank you. my husband says #@$%.

photo via their website.

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Sohroosh, HALFPOPS said...

Glad you're enjoying HALFPOPS! We've always loved those partially popped kernels, too.