project: december daily. december 21 to 24.

so it is that time of year again. the one where i gear up for the holiday season, plan out our month day to day, fill up our weekends (we have one free weekend left!). this is an extremely busy month for us so i need to have a rough, mapped-out plan before december 1st. parties to throw, parties to attend, things to plan, places to go, presents to buy and wrap, holiday magic to experience. also i have to get my december daily mostly in place so come the 1st i am ready to document. you can imagine my shock when i peeled up the layers of my craft station {it was about 5 layers deep} to find the uncompleted daily from last year! what??!! so i order to have things just right and complete, so we can move forward, i have finished the last few pages and recorded them here for you. i will be telling the story of them as if it was then but it is now. get it?

soon we can get onto the 2011 season. hooray!

december 21 | cookie day!

every year we make sugar cookies. i pull out all the fun fancy cutters and make up bowls and bowls of brightly covered icing and it's pretty much a full day affair. they are one of the best parts of the holidays but i suspect i am the only one who enjoys eating them. oh well!!

december 22 | to the movies!

today was movie day! aydan played hookey to go the the cinema with cooper and her aunt and uncle. lucky kids.

you lucky skunks got to go to the movie tangled with auntie tracy and uncle richard.

december 23 | school party & mini gingerbread houses.

today aydan had her kindergarten party at school for christmas. auntie tracy went as her special guest. also today we made mini gingerbread houses. i love this! we always make a big house and this year i opted to try out the mini houses because i am always cursing the large house under my breath as it topples over mid-way through the decorating process. these were great, held up and allowed us to make a mini-village. a new tradition has been born!!

saw this great technique used on the tree, did it, it worked and i love it. love twinkle lights at any time! i have really enjoyed sitting here in the living room and being washed in the glow of those lights. will be sad to see them packed away.

last day of school before winter break. pj day and class party. auntie tracy was your guest.
holiday fun. wonderful memories.

graham cracker houses! what a great idea. we made a little village and the kids got to control their own design. icing really easy and they all look beautiful. oh - to live in those houses! 

december 24 | fun in the snow and a puppet show.

it's christmas eve! i can't believe it's hear already. and it's such a gorgeous day. we all suited up and trekked up to the park for some sliding fun. one little girl we had with us told me it was the best christmas eve day she has ever had - melt my heart!  so touching to have made an impact on her holidays. for christmas eve we were graciously blessed to have a puppet performance directed by aunt tracy and performed by aydan and cooper.

today was such a big layout as it was such an event filled day!!

christmas eve!! 7:10 am, -17 degrees! beautiful day, beautiful snow. took the kids to the park for some snowpants sliding! elizabeth exclaimed it was her best christmas eve ever! brought a tear to my eye. homw for lunch, naps and preparations! santa claus is coming to town!!

christmas eve night - out to deliver gifts. christmas eve dinner tradition {husband's side} dinner of appetizers. wonderful spread. then graced with a puppet show before up to bed and the possible early arrival of santa claus! we heard jingle bells during story time and were almost too excited to sleep!
the night wrapped up by getting everything wrapped up!

one more sleep till christmas!

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