today, my baby, you are five years old.

a whole hand of age.

count them - one..two..three...four...five fingers worth of age.

i remember this day back in 2006 like it was yesterday. you were 7 days late. labour started slowly early on that tuesday and started to progress right when the new fridge was being delivered and i of course waited to see it put in and started to re-stock it but was shooed out by GG. off to the hospital {i actually started to cry on the way because i had never been away from aydan over night before!!} we were lucky to get into one of the nice cedar rooms, got all set up and waited {there are a few more colourful details in there but i won't bore you with those!}. at 2:36 am on december 6th you made your grand but quiet entrance; much the same as your character is now.

it has been such a privileged to watch you grow up into the little man that you are and i want to say thank you. to laugh with you, love with you, cry with you, kiss your boo-boo's and cheer on your successes has been one of my greatest joys. you have grown into the funniest, cautious and sweetest little boy that i have ever met. you melt my heart with your smile and heat me up with your stubbornness. you save your special hugs for me and i love the reasoning's that come out of your mouth for everyday situations {"mom, you are the best cooker in the whole world." "this ice is yummy mom. tastes like vegetables."}

2006 - born.
2007 - age 1
2008 - age 2
2009 - age 3
2010 - age 4

we love you cooper and happy birthday little man. xoxo

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