our first weekend of the season.

our first weekend of the christmas season and boy was it a doosey!!! saturday we had cooper's pirate party and sunday aydan was in the santa claus parade. believe me come sunday night we were looking forward to bedtime and a little r&r. these were our adventures!

saturday | pirate party.

every party we take a photo the the birthday kid!
cooper and his cake.
above: loot bags. this photo: the prizes.
getting ready for the big battle.
above: getting the ships decorated for the big battle and a little play. this photo: coop getting the pirate ship and pretty excited about it!
and these are photo's of the most wanted pirates on the seven seas!

 sunday | santa claus parade

our parade watching group.
we found a pirate!
here come the dancers!
aydan - our little irish dancer.
done her duty now back to the group to see santa!
pulled out of the crowd to dance in the parade!
cooper seeing santa.
excited for seeing santa. good day!

there you have it. all the sights we saw through our lenses this weekend. i hope you had as much fun as we did!!

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