and off he goes to big boy school.

tonight daddy, aydan and me took you to school to meet the kindergarten teachers and explore the classrooms. you were apprehensive at first but since one of the teachers was aydan's last year and already knew your name {!} you seemed to relax a bit. you have been there before. you remembered the place. we have gone for aydan's show & tell night. for special concerts & graduation. but you had never been there on your terms. this was your night. you explored. recognized the numbers and letters which wallpapered the room. you showed us around a bit then let aydan show you the corners which held the very special treasures. and of course you found the basket of dinosaurs begging to be plucked. you seemed to fit perfectly and i was so amazed to see you in this space.

we spend an insane amount of time together, me and you, and this transition of yours made me a little sad. i have always known that i wanted just you and your sister and now knowing that the baby stage is finally over is a hard mountain to climb. but i am also very excited for you. for the friends you are going to make. the relationships you are going to build. the skills you are going to learn. and for those mountains that you are going to climb. the other day you said to me "did you know when you wanted me that i was going to be like this? so cute like this?". never in my wildest dreams did i think i was going to hit the jackpot with a pair of aces like the two of you. thank you.

you said in the car on the way home last night that you are going to miss me when you go to school.
that made my heart melt. i am going to miss you too buddy.

thankfully it's not until september.

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Sherri said...

Oh, what a bittersweet time for you! My big boy just went off to college...and yet, I felt right back the faith you.