one fabulous weekend.

our weekend was all sugar and spice.

friday ended with the husband convincing me that there was a photo to be had outside.

there sure was.
the rain, snow and cold had created icy shells around the individual branches of the trees and icicles hung everywhere.

this was me all dressed up to - tried to do one of those faces the girls are doing these days - fail! dork!
although to get the shot i had to lie under the tree in the snow and this caused the home owners to come out and investigate to make sure that i wasn't the victim of a hit and run - the roads were very very icy and i thank them for their concern. thankfully it was neighbours that i knew so the embarrassed level was slightly lower.

saturday was a beautiful day - warm, sunny - and as luck would have it the lions club were putting on a winter carnival. 
there was a giant snow hill, great friends, lots of new snow and lots of sunshine. to me that equals fun fun fun!!

saturday night was capped off with hot tubing and another family competition - this time mario kart {the husband got his hands on two more controllers so we all got to play together at the same time - 4 players at once!!} then we switched over to the kinect for some just dance kids 2. the boys won the mario and i'm pretty sure the girls rocked out the dance - we just couldn't figure out how to keep score on that one!

on sunday we were invited to the baptism of a very special little girl.
isn't she beautiful?

the light in the church was magical and there was something about the whole ceremony being conducted in french that i felt transported to another place entirely.

thank you christian and sylvie for inviting us to share this special day with you.

great weekend.
hopefully great week to go with it. fingers crossed.

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