forget about it.

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this weekend was supposed to be the iphone weekend.
it ended up not being the iphone weekend.

not only did we not get a phone but the husband ended up getting so angry with our provider that he cancelled his service.
i think we went back a step.

i feel so out of touch with all of it being flip-phone people - no smartphones at all here. and i am actually a no-phone person. i have my pink razor sitting nicely in a drawer, disconnected - i got it for my birthday when i was pregnant with coop, {you know you're a mom when you refer to things as "when i was pregnant with...when he was two..." i really have no idea how old i am anymore, my years are gone - theirs are what count. off topic! focus jennifer!}. i used to be a of-the-moment-phone person, having my phone attached to my hip, feeling very glamorous for having the newest model - i once left my new $500 phone on top of my car and drove away; that was a great day.

so currently we have three mac computers, one ipod touch & an ipad2, two relic ipods & a kindle {not to brag - this sounds real bad} and i still feel out of touch that we don't have an iphone - i really just want it for the camera and it's good to have a phone when i got out driving with the crazy quebecois...they are crazy drivers!!! much like the albertans, yes dad, i am talking to you!! haha.

this is ridiculous.

we are going to attempt for this weekend but i am going to try to get the husband out to see that rug {at a store!!!} and then there's painting the trim in the bathroom & family room and sewing the curtains + skating, hot chocolates and movie night....am i trying for too much again?

i think i might be.

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