here we go.

this weekend, holiday was over.

i still can't believe that real life begins again - although the husband did go back to work last monday. since aydan's was still home and the fact the garbage men don't pick up the tree till today there was still a sense of holiday around here.

no more...it's all packed away.......

this was the scene in our entry way this morning:

back to reality.
oh and i took aydan to the bus stop in the husband's funky hat:

i know i had made the promise of a sewing weekend and the reveal of some pretty fabulous goods...but it didn't happen. i did get these wonderful fabrics though so soon enough.... :)! love the leaf pattern, reminds me of vintage tablecloths so it will be perfect for the dining room. and the polka dot for the bathroom - love this look of pairing it with another fabric.

also i came to a realization this weekend about decorating.  i was hung up on making my living room a little fancy but in all truths we are not fancy! we are casual, laid back and i hope a little funky. i want to make the house nice, casual with a little vintage charm and that's what i am going to do. we don't have a sprawling manor - we have a quaint suburban home and i am not going to try to make it anything but that. this has actually given me a sense of relief in a way. and i have already made my lists for the junk shops and flea markets i want to visit. and maybe a trip or two to homesense.
the first room to focus on:

what a blank canvas, eh? the only things to stay in this room are the sofas, coffee table, tv and painting. i am going to re-do the side table but we are hunting for a new rug {i think i found one on liquidation - i just have to get the husband on board...well i have to get the husband to the store!! a feat in itself}, tv console {top of this list for spring flea markets}, the light fixture has got to go! i'm thinking this one, and new drapes which i am thinking this fabric will make nice drapes for in here, with a panel of pale green for the top or bottom. and then something for the wall above the large sofa and a large plant. it's all been newly painted so now we are just window dressing.

for now i think that's it and i think that will take us into the summer - that and painting out the tv room. more to come on that later......

just had to share - aren't these stunning?

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