friday friday.

i had the tune of monday monday by the mama's and papa's in my head but changed it to friday as i want to sing about how happy i am that it is friday!

are you happy it is friday?
do you have any plans this weekend?

i decided to have a glass of chocolate milk while i talked to you.....our little secret.

today i wanted to share with you some beauties and inspiration i have been hanging out with on the web all week.....

there is an on-line storytime for kids - did you know about it?
loving this print - what an amazing valentines gift! {wink, wink}
how fun would it be to make this scrub???
uumm..hello...happy birthday to me!!
take the time to go over these tips for photo taking and then bat my eyes real nice at the husband for this lens.
how do i get these actions onto photoshop elements? that i have to take time for too!!
hoping i have a chance to make this cake for a birthday this summer.
also excited for the launch of this site....hhmmm...do you think i have photography on the brain?
what i love about this new site is that it's audio & visual - i am hopeless with manuals....and self help books! {ugh!!} 
i fell down the rabbit hole and stumbled onto this blog of absolute beauty and craftyness.
so excited about this preschool blog i found - so many awesome ideas!
and i am wondering if i can use this on the cabinets when i re-decorate the main floor bathroom this spring/summer? do we have the type?? can't afford to rip everything out and start from scratch.
great rules to live by - thanks celina!

i have been spending my time gazing at other things as well but i want to surprise people with them so i will be keeping that under my hat for right now.
also i am putting together all my valentines inspirations to share with you on monday. busy busy!

this weekend is already fixing to be a good one i think - supposed to be sunshiny and mild. we have an outing to ikea planned, there will be some skating, hoping for some sledding {possibly to a new hill!}, oh and of course snuggles with a movie and popcorn - we might even rent a new one.

and we will top it all off with the superbowl! love that for a sunday afternoon {plus an excuse to drink beer in the afternoon...wait that doesn't sound to good, a little too enthusiastic maybe}. my game day plan here will be some of the husbands wings + some of these with a couple of drumsticks thrown in for coop. i'm going to try out sheri's chili and make something leafy & green. and some sort of guacamole/pico de gallo dip for tortilla chips. yum! there is a lemon cake recipe that has been eyeing me up and down for a while now that i think i will test drive and let you know how it is - chocolate just seems too much to add to this menu. plus there are only four of us!!!

now all i have to figure out is who we are rooting for! patriots seems the obvious choice therefore should we go for the giants? i was hoping to cheer for the 49ers....oh well i'm just here for the food & beer anyways!

and...it's snowing.... :)
happy weekending!!! xoxo

the obsession of mario kart turned into the wall of mario this morning.....

had to show my favorite.

**did you here that picnik on-line photo editing is shutting down on april 19th? i used there system to edit all the photo's in today's post. i just found them, was about to sign up for year only to find out a week later they were closing down. *pout* 


my3littlebirds said...

My kids love Mario too. Those drawings are so cute! Happy Friday!

Sherri said...

Those pictures are adorable...and I will miss Picnik too!