when the alarm went off....

they announced today a snow day - yeah!!

this morning was an early one and coffee was most definitely required.

we played with bananagrams. i saw this great idea on pinterest, made some of my own cards and luckily i had some bananagrams stashed that i hadn't brought out yet. i had everyone find their own name {first part of the game} then identify the letters and place them above. then we moved on to the other beginner words as well. it was a hit!

we caught up on some homework....one of the french word's i didn't even know - embarrassing!

we served up a big plate of this for lunch - veggies NOT optional. **fyi - i put the fries on the plate for the picture, those are actually the prize for cleaning your plate, the dessert. {well the fruit is the dessert....oh you know what i mean!}

we watched way too many movies {shh...don't tell!} - vanity fair and julie & julia topped my list. there is something about having julia childs voice {well fake voice} on while in the kitchen cooking that's just a little magical. a fellow traveler whispering into my ear.

we hopped around with the hopscotch, of course, and built many many lengths of train track.

we pigged out on these bars- they are so good. next time i'm going to alter them a little more than this time around. thanks marta!! {recipe to come!}

we folded all the laundry, tidied up the bedroom {oh the plans i have for this space!!} and cleaned the kitchen. then we destroyed the kitchen to make these for snack:

we spent time on the internet wishing we could attend this and we oogled over this.
we bought some of this and maybe a little of that.

we finally ate our dessert from the chicken restaurant - well, as in we i meant they.

we had bath night and got a little goofy. but aren't kids supposed to be goofy? and sometimes nutty?

and now we sleep. sweet dreams my chickens.
the only thing to make this day better would have been if daddy had had a snow day too.

we enjoyed the snow day together. can't wait for real life to be back on tomorrow.
c a n n o t  w a i t.

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