project photo shoot. in my living room.

i have been wanting to do this for a while.
create a photo shoot in my living room of my kids.
as a present to my husband.
{i also have a secret dream of wanting to DO this and maybe i just wanted to see if i could....}

it could not have turned out any better.

i ended up moving all the furniture out of the room and {thankfully} we haven't put anything up on that wall since we painted so i basically had a blank canvas.
i learned so much in that afternoon that i am excited to dive back in and use all my new knowledge.

to me bright red on soft blue is stunning so wasn't i excited that i happen to have some heart garlands just lying around that would be the perfect touch.
and of course there has to be balloons.

it's not a party without balloons.

the kids were a-ma-zing.
aydan was quite excited - especially when i pulled out the new dress from grandma.
but cooper took a little convincing.
some wrangling.
once we got started though he was great - i even let them take some of the photo's. they loved putting their eye up to the camera on the tripod.

but the excitement soon wore off.
i had to fight to get the last couple of shots i wanted but it was worth it in the end.
one of those fighting shots is one of my top picks.
plus the goofing around ones. those are priceless.
one does tend to get a little goofy with a bunch of balloons in their hands.
i kept clicking till the camera told me to bugger off and i love the story they tell.
they tell one of play.

i'm going to need a lot more frames and walls in my house.
plus two are going on canvas.

would i do this again...in a heartbeat.
please oh please, let me get the chance.


Melanie said...

I love this! Now I want to do one with my son. :)

Sandra said...

Inspired me too!

Hey ex-Vancouverite - I just moved back last summer after 10 years in Toronto. The weather is nicer BUT I miss the buzz of central Canada! Montreal - lucky you with the good food and the stylish design...

Jen said...

thank you girls for your comments.

oh sandra....montreal is lost on me - i am a vancouver girl. i never knew it till i was gone but i am. we live about 35 minutes out of montreal - on the north shore - and i feel out of place here, the only one in lululemon all. the. time. don't get me wrong i do love it here but having 5 and 6 year old and a husband who works like crazy in the video game industry we are more inclined to hike {which is hard to find here} with the dog and visit the lake, things we could do in vancouver. i hope to get out more and explore the french antiques scene which i FINALLY gound at the end of the season last year but there is too much snow on the ground just yet for that. i am thankful for the skating rink in the back yard though...something i have never seen in my lifetime.

melanie - do it! you will not regret it...they are the best art.

Lisa said...

Jen, thank you for giving us a peek behind the scenes! I enjoyed seeing the photos earlier this week and this gives an even better idea of how it all came together. How did you get the animated image(obviously, I still have a lot to learn about photo shoots :))? It's so cool!

Jen said...

lisa...it took me a while to figure it out - had to wade through a series of lloonnngggg youtube tutorials for really a 4 step process - realized it was very straight forward and these people just wanted to hear themselves talk for 13 minutes. i'm going to post about it next week with a short and sweet tutorial!