the friday round-up. {complete randomness but it does make sense}

first of all i have to confess.
this week contained a funk.....not to be confused with a robert munch fart, because as you know good families don't have farts.
this funk arrived on my doorstep i would say tuesday morning completely ruining my high from an extremely accomplished monday.
this funk decided he was not ready to leave on tuesday night despite numerous attempts from my funny and witty husband.
waking up on wednesday i could still sense he was there, lurking behind the bedroom door and decided to just go with it and get it over with.
thursday afternoon he packed his bags and ran away. was it the not-birthday-cake? the handfuls of chocolate chips i had for dinner? the promising thoughts of the easter crafts that are too dominate our weekend?
whatever it was i say good afternoon, good evening and good night!

now that i took my time in the booth to confess all i have, i also have to report that the other parts of the week have been really great.

coop was talking all this week and last about caramel. how he loves caramel. i just sort of stood by and said "yeah okay" drowsily nodding my head not really knowing what he was talking about. it wasn't until he said that while at his friends house they sat around watching a movie and eating caramel.

hold the phone...what?

now i was intrigued about this red headed five year old and asked the only question i knew "caramel?".
he looked at me and said "yeah" - in a what's the big deal sort of way.
sort of amused as to why he would be eating a bowl of caramel - A BOWL OF CARAMEL - and why the other parent was sitting there witnessing and allowing this {although my kids did come home once from another friends house to tell me they had had chocolate sandwiches for lunch which left me stunned as well. i called to inquire only to find out they had had nutella sandwiches which are rare for vancouver and myself i had never had the stuff but she is married to a german so i let it go - hi charleen!}.
finally - finally! - after carefully getting the whole story out of him we realized he was talking about cantaloupe.
i'm going to call it caramel for the rest of my life.
he's been asking for it everyday.

we had one not minus temperature day this week and we all rushed outside like the bulls of pampolona to sun ourselves in it. aydan was telling me about her day and about how she was jumping rope in gym class.
hold on - what?
you can jump rope, i asked her.
of course, she told me.
show me.

she sure shocks me sometimes.

this was the one she asked me to take of her.
that girl *sigh*

made the lemon ice cream i've had me eye on.
perfect for easter dinner.
will share next week. promise.

coop found the last of the ganache tart. yum!

and he fell to injury. this has been a hot topic all week.
you'd think he was the recent recipient of major amputation.

i also got it in my head to swap all the clothes around and now we are freezing and digging through boxes of put away winter clothes. hopefully one more week. but good to know: i found out that i have purchased coop 4 orange polo shirts - all different but all orange.

the other grand accomplishment i had this week was FINALLY painting the ceiling in the bathroom. it actually looks like a completed room now! i love it. i have a few more decorative touches i would like to make but without major renovations i think it's beautiful.

i also got to the trim in the hallway and have decided i'm going to paint the insides of all the closets the colour of the bathroom {oh yeah honey...i'm going to paint the inside of all the closets the colour of the bathroom. :) }

did you know that this weekend was april fools? i did.
and this year i am actually organized to do something about it!
hee hee.

these are part of my plans.
they have been hollowed out. boiled. sterilized.
some are also for easter. which we will be spending our weekend at.
dyeing eggs. decorating the house. making some pinterest worthy crafts.
next week i'm going to dedicate the whole thing to easter.
it's going to be fun.
i'm excited. goodbye funk.
hello sunshine. xoxo

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