hello april. good bye march.

it's april.
how did you ring in the month?
we had fun! {and too much vodka...}

soccer season starts soon so to the field we went.
it went really well!
the kids got into it and enjoyed it.
thank goodness. we made a video! of course we made a video.....

taken by cooper
taken by aydan
cooper saw a commercial for the baconeater by wendy's and has been talking about it non-stop.
so we made our own.
now ours didn't have two patties and SIX strips of bacon {oh yuck!!} bu they were enjoyed.
very enjoyed.

with all that burger energy......

then it was time for a plunge....

{check out the link.}
i have always wanted to do something for april fools. NEVER get it together though.
i think the last time i pulled a prank was in high school when we moved the whole class into the hallway before the bell rang - the teachers desk and everything. we were all sitting in our desks as he rounded the corner. it was pretty funny.
i actually planned for longer than the night before and got it all ready.
i was so excited that it worked.
they were shocked and thought it was pretty funny when those eggs were cracked open. on the plate as well were two mini mini pancakes, a crumb of bacon and sliver of melon. happy april fools day!!

i'm excited for april...are you?

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