a milestone.

did you look at the pictures above??

did you take a good hard look?
really look at it?

did you notice the little girl eating the taco? THE TACO!!!
did you notice that this is the same little girl who will only eat about 8 things and they are in the same rotation every week and somehow...SOMEHOW.....this taco squeezed in to take the place of one of her beloveds?
that it got on her plate and by some miracle made it's way up to her mouth, which is under the nose that hates the smell of most foods, and it's at her lips...........IT'S AT HER LIPS!

do you see that smile?
and she tried it two ways........


lesliesholly said...

I have an EXTREMELY picky eater and I feel just about that excited when he adds a new food. Congratulations!

Caroline said...

I have a picky eater too! It is the absolute hardest thing, hands down, in my parenting! That is SO awesome her repertoire is expanding! Those tacos look YUMMY!