pinterest inspired: stove-top house deodorizer.

i love pinterest.
did you know that?
do you love it too?
are you following me?
am i following you and all your loveliness?

if i was forced in life to join a cult it would have to be the devoted followers of pinterest. in actuality i would probably become it's leader. this is something i could get behind to guide. to shepherd.
being able to access so many wonders at one place fills me with spiritual belief.

i picked up this little ditty from there and want to share it with you today.
the reason for my sharing something that has already been done is to show you that it really does work! alot of my pins i want to try but am hesitant. what if it doesn't work out? what if i wasted all that time, $$ and energy on something? has this really been tested?  it's for this reason that i am going to test and share and rate for you.
to help.
i am a mom after all.

this was posted by a girl who used to work at williams-sanoma {love!!} and she is sharing the secret of the store smell {double love!}.
do you notice things like that? the signature smell that some stores have?
i do.

so of course on monday when it felt like spring was in the air {but still not warm enough to open up the windows} i threw a pot of this on the stove and let it simmer away! the house smelled glorious! all spring like and delicious.
i caught my self dreaming of the large pots i'm going to do; bursting with rosemary and thyme that i will scatter all over the property. 
the scent so yummy that i am doing it again today!

here's the recipe but i did share the link for the original source up top.

one lemon sliced.
a few sprigs of rosemary {i really like the smell so i used about 5}
2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract.

fill your pot with your ingredients then fill 2/3 of the way with water. bring to a boil then lower to a simmer and let it just bubble away! keep an eye on it and a jug of water close by and when you see your water level getting low top it up with some more water!

keep your eyes and ears open for more pinterest reviews!!!
i'm excited to share.

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Lisa said...

This looks and sounds so lovely! Here in Wisconsin it seems like we've skipped spring and went straight to summer, so I wouldn't mind a scent of spring! I also loved your take on Pinterest - I got on their waiting list a long time ago and am still waiting :/ Hope to be part of it soon!