hello weekend....

for the first time in a LLOONNGGG time it felt like weekend around here.
the husband was here - present and accounted for.
the sun was shining and we were excited.
we dropped everything and played together.
it was glorious.
and it helped that monday was a day off for some of us as well....{not the husband though...}

 hello to the first outdoor fire of the season.

hello to s'mores and a good use for the nutella that has been hanging around.
{i'm sorry - i don't understand the everyday draw...i guess we are just peanut butter people!}
 + i am not a hershey's chocolate gal - although they are the perfect size for s'mores.

hello assembly line.

hello to coops last little bite he just couldn't finish.

hello to mine.

hello good use of time.

hello forgotten mallow.

hello happy.

 hello saturday and all your new challenges.

hello my two wheeler.

hello to braving new milestones.

 hello to a proud mom + dad.

hello rare date night.

hello sunday. thank you for being sunny and hot.

hello squirt gun soldier's.

hello pool time.

last weekend rocked.
last weekend felt like a weekend.
last weekend felt like summer.

how was your weekend?

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Living on Love said...

Nutella! What a genius idea :)

Lisa said...

Jen, this looks like such a perfect weekend! And the s'mores must have been so yummy - I had never thought of using Nutella - how brilliant!