a soccer match. {but that was not the highlight of the day.}

last weekend  i took the kids to a soccer match at olympic stadium in the heart of montreal.
a real soccer match!
with professional teams!
montreal impact vs. l.a. galaxy.
the reason for this insanity of mine is that we have signed up both kids for summer soccer and i was trying to kick start the excitement train.
get them into the spirit.
it was a long day.

to get there in reasonable fashion and not to have to drive all the way in and find parking, we started our journey at 1:30.
the game started at four.
it was going to be a long day.....
we drove to the metro, took it in and then changed trains at one station to get on another line to get to the stadium.
this is where the feeling of being sardines starts.
it was packed. we had to wait one train then we smooshed ourselves on to the second counting down the stops till we could all breath a sigh of fresh air relief.
{luckily i was taller than most so i was not to bad off}

the game hadn't even started before the first "how long is this going to be" was uttered.
this is going to be a long day......

yeah we were in the nosebleeds - that's what you get for $10!
yeah beckham was there - blah, blah, blah....
yeah montreal scored at the eight minute mark - blah, blah, blah.....
yeah one fight broke out on the field - blah, blah, blah.....
yeah l.a. finally scored at the 60:00 something mark - blah blah blah.....
yeah i finally had enough of the "is it over yet?" by the 74:00 minute mark and we high-tailed it out of there before the 60,000+ other decided to as well {record breaking attendance!}. best decision ever.

the fact that this was declared the luckiest day ever in their lives came after all this.
it came after we met these characters.....

and after we discovered this......

those two events made it the best day of their lives.
they got soaked and loved it.
they still couldn't believe i let them do it. but i was tired. they picked the right moment.
when they were done we ran to the car {it had gotten a little chilly}, got changed and drove the 30 minutes home with the sounds of cars 2 filling the car and - in true french form - munching on baguette i had brought for the occasion.
remind me again why we spent 5 1/2 hours attending a soccer match?
it was a very long day.
next time i'm going to drive 30 minutes to the fountain.
that was the best part anyways.


Caroline said...

You guys are awesome! You guys look like you had SO much fun! And, I spotted David Beckham in one of your pictures!

Isn't that the way it goes--we spend 5.5 hours doing something then happen upon something like a simply splashy fountain and that becomes the highlight of the day! :))

Jen said...

thanks caroline...next time i get some "awesome" idea i'm going to remember this day and drive to that fountain. case closed.