it seems to be birthday season around here.
we are planning one.
and other people are as well.
i never had an in-school time birthday party and i'm so excited my kids get that.

here is the latest invite.

it went under extreme investigation.
she was excited about it. really.
everyone in the class got one.
it's just...it was written in french you see. so it took a little minute to decipher it.
not for me but for her. and i wanted HER to do it.
but it did have some pretty big words....she got the idea though.

don't know yet if we can go.....already have plans in town for 4pm and the party is at 1pm.....
blerg. ugh.
why does it all always seem to happen on the same day?
i know other people are in our situation too.
because it's a school function we are going to.
why would you hold a party on a day you KNOW there was a school run fundraising event? even if you are not going?
soccer game. cheap tickets. parts going back to the school. awesome.
montreal galaxy are playing the la galaxy.
you know...the one who bends it?
going to be there.

the kids are doing soccer for the first time this summer so we thought going to this might get them excited.
the stadium. the crowd.
love stadium games. of. any. kind.
we used to take aydan to vancouver canadian games when she had just learned to walk and we still lived downtown.
ballgame. fanfare. outdoors. pregnant. plenty of aisle ways for a toddler to walk and explore. plenty of places to sit when said pregnant lady gets tired.
concession food. yum.
this time will be different but good. maybe even better.


today i am catching up on that to-do list i told you about yesterday at my make-shift desk.
better get back at it.
i'm on a roll.
and listening to tony bennett softly croon to me.
that helps. always.

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