i hate homework.

i hate homework.
i hated it as a kid.
i hate is as an adult.
i hate it even more as an adult who has the get her 6 year old to the table to do it.
i hate that she cries that her brother then gets to go and do fun stuff and she has to do this.
so i have to make him stop fun stuff.
then he flops around and complains he has nothing to do. he's bbooorrreedddddd.
{said in that ever pleasant way.}

i know hate is a strong word...here are some others....
loathe. despise. detest. all those words sum it up.

then we have to move on to the french homework.....ugh. blerg. bletch.
the biggest problem with all of this?
she is actually good at it!
she's smart. she get's it.
even the french. she is no betty blair by any means {but her middle name is betty} but since we are in an english house and she goes to english school i am okay with that.
it better get better though. that's all i have to say about that.

i had coop join in on the workbook grandma just sent him.
he did really well too. preparing for kindergarten.
he will be one of the biggest there...he already is quite big. you should see people's faces when i say he is coming up to 5 and a half. shock.
that he is only that old.
he's a head higher than most and he has to wear a 8+ youth bike helmet. big boy head. i think he's going to be a tall one - like his mama. i'm tall for a lady.

thursday night was hard.
i wish thursdays were margarita nights.
maybe we should declare this saturday one.
just to balance it out.
don't ask me how my day was today.
i'm not going to tell.


Leslie said...

If I ran the world, there would be no homework. It serves no purpose but to make parents and kids miserable.

Jen said...

hear hear!!

Caroline said...

My oldest is still in kindergarten but I hear that homework is definitely something to brace myself for next year. My neighbor's daughter is in first grade (side note: we are in a public school ranked #6 in the nation) and it takes her 1.5 hours each day to finish her first grade homework. How insane is that? Can you imagine when all of mine are in school (I have 4). I will be a crazy lady! :))

Jen said...

caroline...we had homework in kindergarten!!! it's crazy!!