laundry day.

around here we have laundry day.
it's today. always.
it's also gorgeous out but i am crazy that i want it done today.
it's supposed to rain tomorrow.
i know i know.
but it has to get done and i like to do it in one day. 
then i take about three days to put it all away.

do you do this? do you have one day set aside for certain "tasks"?
{please someone say yes.}


Caroline said...

Your laundry day looks like MY laundry day! Ugh. Can we just leave it? ;)

I typically have to do one load a day. Years ago we bough at energy efficient washer and dryer because we knew with our large crew we'd be washing a LOT. I've tried every trick in the book but it still adds up--so a load a day it is for us!

Jen said...

good for you! i like the one day - although it stretched to two this week - but it always seems to be laundry day sooner than later i find! blerg. i just wish i was so anal about it and i could trust other people...i set up a chart when i was 12 about the proper way to do laundry for my parents! i obviously have issues on the subject. that state of my car on the other hand.....yikes!