opening day.

on the weekend something magical happened.
this amazing flea market we discovered last summer opened.
love opening day.
it happens every saturday morning in an open field.
it had been raining for three days and it stopped just for this event.
yep. you heard me.
we had a blast...well i had a blast.
my other musketeers will argue with me on that.
but would i have liked it at 5 & 6? probably not.
but the husband had to work...i wanted to go...they had no choice.
we took a vote and they lost.
besides there was a boat ride involved!
{that sweetened the deal somewhat.}
{...did you like my video? dork.}

the day was great.
somewhat successful. i got two treasures.
don't ask me what happened at costco though. i'm not going to tell you.
i'm not going to tell you about going to the car after our experience at a different costco {we went for the english books but i like the layout of ours better - french books and all!}.
i'm not going to tell you about waiting for the car to leave from the spot next to ours...happens EVERY TIME i'm in a parking lot - not a move anywhere in the lot but right beside me. my curse. ask my mom.
i'm not going to tell you about the guy waiting for my spot when i could clearly see five spots available but i happen to be a little closer. lazy bum.
i'm not going to tell you about getting flustered, trying to hurry, dropping the heavy box they packed for me on the pavement and dumping coop's fountain ice tea drink through the cart and soaking my shoes.
i'm not going to tell you that while i was picking things up off the ground i yelled at the guy to go and find another spot. in english...he was probably french.
don't ask me. i'm not going to tell.
lips sealed.

i plan to go back to the flea the first saturday of every month.
wanna come?
{no costco....i promise.}

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