m. i. a.

this week i have been m.i.a.
i had so many wonderful things to share with you.
i just have one little problem...i seem to think there are more hours in a day than there actually are.
always have...always will.

this weeks situation?
we are deep in planning and creating mode for a certain someone's 7th birthday.
a mad hatter's tea party. alice in wonderland theme.
and we want it to look quite authentic.
therefore i have been working to the bone on making the decoration, making the cakes, wrapping the loot, creating the space.
it. has. taken. all. my. time.
thankfully my mom and sister showed up yesterday and did ALL the baking today. thank you!

plus throw in two soccer days and having to function normally in my day to day in taking care of a family not to mention working.....why do i do this to myself? {rhetorical, please do not answer husband!}

the reason:
i LOVE birthdays. {as you can see here and here.}
and i love to do them big.
i can sleep next week right?
yeah, that's what i thought.

gotta go - my wonderland cakes are calling.
have a great weekend! xx

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