this summer we have had a resident butterfly living with us.
it's pretty cool actually.
i have no idea IF it's the same butterfly but it always looks the same and it hangs around. very close. 
close as in i think he wants to play with us. be part of us.
for real.
the kids named him speedy.

they named him that because he is so darn fast!!!

i followed him around the yard attempting to get a picture.
to document.
to cherish.
to share.

all i got were shots of where he was.
not one of him.
because he is ssoooo speedy!!

we'll be having a meal out on the deck and he will flit by and the kids will shout "there goes speedy!"
we will be playing on the side yard and he will dip and doodle around us, almost like he is engaging in the game, and the kids will cry "speedy's here to play!"
it's so awesome.
i never had a pet butterfly before and i am so excited my kids got to have one for one summer.

thankfully they have decided not to play with the snake that belongs to the skin we found the other day...or the toad we found on the driveway the other night...or the groundhog that lives in the neighbour's yard...or the skunk that lives under the neighbour's shed.

i'm thankful for that butterfly named speedy.

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