and off they go....

two weeks ago the husband go some surprising news.....he would actually be able to take a vacation this summer!!!


as i have already planned my vacation for late august from the news that he would NOT have vacation time this summer it was up to him and the kids to discover the world together. alone. without me.
i couldn't have been more supportive.
after some-not-so-careful planning they took off for the grand old town of burlington, ontario, with the eventual plan to end up dipping their toes into lake huron on the sandy shores of port elgin - one of MY favorite towns. {two years ago i was planning a major coup so we would end up there...my plan has cooled down slightly but has not been extinguished entirely.}

so, as they take their week to explore - today they are going to niagara falls so play in the mist on the maid of the mist, yesterday they visited the lion safari park where a baboon climbed on the roof of the car and peed down the windshield and the lions provided MORE than just an appearance...if you get my drift...they sure got a real lesson in the wild kingdom!....and tomorrow they head up to the beach - i am here filling you all in and getting down to my own plans.

one problem? they took ALL the camera's with them, even the ipad!
so as i will have no way to show you what i am doing you can bet i will be up to alot.
already had a media free weekend - after waving goodbye from the driveway and getting a phone call from the ferry ride filling me in on the start of their journey - my mom, sister and me went to the dollar cinema to see the hunger games {tickets were $2 each!}, walked the streets of downtown montreal and had a casual but perfect dinner of moules et frites {mussels and fries} - and i have no photo's to show for it!
a first for me in a long time...we will see how i survive the rest of the week.

today i have some cooking & weeding planned and getting to work on filling in the screw holes on the trim in the tv room. also i scored big at the flea market on the weekend.  i wish i could share.....
you may see me, long extension cord in hand, wandering around our house with our mac screen using photo booth to capture our world. it might get to this.


or maybe i should dig out the old 5 megapixel sony camera......that might be a better plan.
{remember when 5 megapixels was a BIG deal?}


Lisa said...

Jen, it sounds like the whole family is having a blast :) Enjoy your "me time" - you deserve it!

Caroline said...

Oh. My. Good. Word.

I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I think it's a Win-win for everyone! Have blast lady and you deserve it! That sounds so great!!

Jen said...

started painting the tv room...i just hope to finsh before they come home!