lake swimming.

in this little town of ours there once was a sand quarry.
while they were digging at it they hit a natural spring, the whole thing filled up and now we have a lake!
it's open to residents from june 24th to labour day.

we love it.
we are asked over and over again all winter "when is it time to go to the beach?"
being a vancouver girl i don't know a summer where my toes are not buried in the sand. i'm so glad i have the opportunity out here as well.
i am so happy when it opens.
so happy.

now my happiness has doubled.
since i am now working, the summer afternoons at the beach have become fewer and fewer but....
they offer swimming lessons at the beach! in the lake!!! for kids!!! at night!!!
so excited about this.

monday night was our first lesson.
aydan was from 6 to 7.
coop was from 7 to 7:30. littler kids - shorter time.
it runs for 5 weeks. twice a week.
perfect time for perfect dinner beach picnics.

they did so well. 
she jumped right in, after correcting the instructor on how to pronounce her name, three times, oh geesh! seven year olds!
aydan - the poor girl has a french accent!! cut her some slack!
anyways.....aydan was trying to get the hang of it at first but did do all the activities - and by then end her back stroke was noticeably better than 30 minutes prior. good girl.

all day cooper was doing EVERY thing to get out of going but i knew once he got there and saw all those other little boys he would jump right in.
and he did.
he participated for 90% of it - he just didn't do the jump off the dock at the end.
i never expected he would. his dad did though.
but....i bet at the end of the session he will. i know it.

they have to miss next week - which is the pits - but they are going to visit friends in burlington, ontario with the husband, swim in a pool there, go to marineland {in niagara falls}, go to a safari park and head up to my favorite place, port elgin, where they will spend their days swimming in lake huron & playing on the beach. 
i think they will survive and brush up on their swimming skills at the same time.

lesson #2 is tonight and this time i have to take my zoom lens.....



Sandra said...

You are creating HUGE lake envy! It's lovely being back in Vancouver but I miss the central Canadian lakes. Nothing like it...

yummynwt said...
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Jen said...

my kids are dipping their toes into lake huron this week and i am super JEALOUS about that! lucky skunks.